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Borovets - One of Bulgaria's most beautiful discoveries 23 January 2020 Located in the heart of the Rila mountains, an hour's drive from Sofia's culture and history, Borovets is one of Bulgaria's most beautiful discoveries. Sun and snow at the beginning of January 12 January 2020 What could be better than a bluebird day up here in Borovets with cold weather and fresh snow? Borovets Chronicles / Summer 2019 pre-season updates 31 May 2019 Check out what's new in Borovets two weeks before summer 2019 officialy starts. Highlights from winter season 2018/2019 07 April 2019 Five reasons to be excited about Summer season 2019 in Borovets 06 April 2019 Borovets Chronicles / before we say goodbye to summer 2018 12 September 2018 As we're getting ready to say goodbye to summer 2018 read about some of the park updates this season. Top 10 reasons to love Borovets during the winter 10 September 2018 Check few of the many reasons why we love Borovets during the winter so much. Borovets Chronicles / July 2018 09 July 2018 Check out what's up in our bikepark during the early weeks of season 2018. The trails are calling us into season 2018 12 June 2018 On the verge of summer season 2018 - a preview of the trails here in Borovets Mountainbike Park 10 reasons January still rocks 08 February 2018 There's no bad time to be up here - here's why. Is it winter yet? 21 December 2017 On the verge of ski season 17/18 in Borovets Behind the scenes with Stivi Gatev & the filming crew 13 November 2017 Taking a ride with the filming crew and Bulgaria's National Champion Borovets Open Cup 2017 26 September 2017 A very special end to an amazing season in Borovets Mountainbike Park Local talents - who is Victoria Gontcheva? 22 August 2017 We're proud to present the 2017 National Champion in MTB DH Аll-inclusive for bikers above Borovets - the Deno peak trail 20 July 2017 One of the most memorable rides you can do in Bulgaria is right here. So close and yet far enough from the capital 17 February 2017 In the embrace of our beautiful Rila and how easy it is to get there... Stories from the mountain 31 January 2017 Viktor Varoshkin about freeride beyond the borders of the ski zone of Markudjik 3