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Local talents - who is Victoria Gontcheva?

22 August 2017, Georgi Daskalov

During it’s entire 120-year history Borovets has always been a fertile breeding ground for talented young athletes. The Samokov locals are a force to be reckoned with - from national sporting heroes like Petar Popangelov to the present day local legends, who’ve grown up doing crazy things on the slopes of Rila. The brave and big-hearted locals could teach even the best in the world a thing or two about mother nature and leading an active life in the mountains.  They are definitely not afraid to look beyond the seasonal character of winter sports, actively and methodically setting new traditions in a broad range of sports. Their latest craze is mountain biking - it’s no wonder, considering the fact that Borovets Mountainbike Park is one of the hottest riding destinations in Bulgaria. It’s easy to tell they like it - nice bikes are an increasingly common sight on the streets of Samokov, and there is a proportionally growing number of young and talented local riders. Among them is a girl with a nearly constant smile on her face, who’s been on a hell of a winning streak in Bulgaria and has her eye set on achieving international success too - most of her race runs abroad end up with at least a podium, if not a win. We’re proud to present one of the brightest young talents on the bulgarian downhill scene - our 2016 and 2017 National Champion; the girl with a winner’s name - Victoria Gontcheva.

If you must sum up who is Victoria Gontcheva in one sentence, how would you do it?
She’s a normal girl, who’s just slightly aventurous and inclined towards life on the edge with the motto “you only live once”.

Ladies should not be asked about their age, but there’s no rule about asking about years on a bike…
I started racing two years ago, but I’ve loved this sport since I was little.

When are you most happy about riding a bike?
The indescribable feeling of overcoming myself and my own fears makes me the happiest.

What does Borovets Mountainbike Park mean to you and how does the resort help your development as a rider?
The park is like a second home to me, I’ve been spending more time there than in my real home. Without the support of Borosport I would not have been able to go racing abroad, to achieve better and better results and grow as a rider.

Favourite track in the park?
Need For Speed - a very fast and really fun track.

Which trail features you enjoy the most?
My favourites are the roots and the other types of technical sections, I feel I have them down pretty good, but I get the biggest kick out of doing a big jump.

How do you see yourself in 10 years - both on and off the bike?
On the bike I see myself as an elite racer, off the bike I want to become a pharmacist… But there’s a lot of work to do to get there.