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Highlights from winter season 2018/2019

07 April 2019, Yavor Bachev

On April 7th Borovets closed one of the most successful winter seasons. This season was full of many ski and snowboard adventures, great winter atmosphere and many interesting events. Here are few of our most favorite moments from the past winter.  

1.  Martinovi Baraki Express 

Borovets celebrated the beginning of winter season 2018/2019 on 22nd of December. The event started early in the morning when the Bulgarian ski legend Peter Popangelov and the future ski champions from the clubs in Borovets opened the first chair of the new lift “Martinovi Baraki Express”. The new lift will be taking up to 3,000 people per hour – more than two times more than before and the riding time will take only 3.5 minutes – more than two time faster than before. With doubled speed and capacity, the new lift allowed thousands of skiers and snowboarders to spend more time on the slopes not only during the day, but also during the popular night skiing in the resort.

2.  Worlds snow day 2019

On January 19th Borovets took part in the FIS initiative “World snow day” for eight year in a row. Borovets celebrated the "World snow day" with free ski and snowboard lessons, music, games and entertainment for the whole family.

3.  Sports competitions 

During this winter season Borovets hosted many big sports events. At the end of January the first Bulgarian mountain resort organized the competition for the “Borosport cup”. Borovets also hosted the cross-country competition for the "Samokov" cup, the national cross-country competition and many more.

4.   Petar Popangelov - 60th jubilee

The Bulgarian ski-legend Petar Popangelov celebrated his 60th birthday in Borovets on 31st January. Borosport, Hotel Rila, Samokov Мunicipality and BFSki will organize special celebration for the best Bulgarian skier.

5. Kids competitions

This winter season the kids in Borovets had the opportunity to participate in many interesting events and competitions. Borovets was part of the initiative of Bulgarian Ski Federation “Learn to Ski”. The 3-week program gave the kids from Samokov municipality and the region the opportunity to learn the basics for skiing. The talented kids from the ski-clubs in Borovets showed great talent and perfect skills during the  Competition for the cup "Chamkoria junior", the competition for the cup  "Petar Popangelov - Senior", the Competition for the cup "Champions memorial" and many more.

6.  Baba Marta

Pizho and Penda – the Bulgarian fictional character and symbols of March visited Borovets on the Bulgarian Holiday Baba Marta (1st of March) and gave us the traditional red & white adornments - "martenitzi", lots of smiles and of course some skiing tips!

7.  Pass the adventure on 

On 7th of April (Sunday) Borovets closed winter season 2018/2019 with a lot of music and one interesting event. For first time Borovets organized the event “Pass the adventure on” where skiers and bikers took part together. This symbolic down-slope marked the end of the winter season and the forthcoming summer adventures in Borovets.