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Borovets - One of Bulgaria's most beautiful discoveries

23 January 2020, Antonio Oleari

Located in the heart of the Rila mountains, an hour's drive from Sofia's culture and history, Borovets is one of Bulgaria's most beautiful discoveries. 

Wrapped in snowy woods, this pretty resort offers visitors everything they need to enjoy a relaxing and sporting holiday. 

Let's start with relaxation: staying at the Rila Hotel is the experience not to be missed if you want comfort, elegance and fun. 

Set directly on the ski slopes, it allows you to switch from a ski suit to a swimsuit in just a minute. 

Its SPA and splendid swimming pool are the best way to spend hours after skiing. Every time I walked along its corridors I was fascinated by the splendid photo-memories about the great skiing tradition of Borovets, visited over the years by great champions such as Petar Popangelov to whom one of the most beautiful slopes was dedicated. 

I believe that you can enjoy the best ski experience between the 2,300 and 2,600 meters of the Markudjik ski center where the views and total immersion in nature combine with fun.

 Borovets is also an ideal destination for those who want to learn ski or are starting out with this sport, not only because at least 5 slopes are suitable for them but also for the competence of the instructors of BoroSport center which can be contacted for any need.

And how can I not talk about the great night skiing experience on the Martinovi baraki slopes? 

The artificial lights illuminate the snow and warm the hearts of those who want to feel like a champion even for a short time. 

Borovets is this ... and much more.  I got here from Italy and would go back immediately.