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Borovets Chronicles / July 2018

09 July 2018, Georgi Daskalov

A rainy beginning of season 2018 - not quite what we hoped for, but... It is what it is. And the trail conditions are not that bad at all, actually - thanks to heroic efforts by our trail crew all trails are properly shaped and running quite fast. The trail are firming up nicely and the speed only gets better with each dry day we receive. Here's what's up straight from the slopes:

Nikolay Spasov is the head of mountainbike operations here in Borovets - from building and maintaining our trails to managing the rental bikes fleet, he's a busy man.

The rental fleet is quite large and varied.

There is a huge range on offer - from kid's bikes...

... to full-on DH racing machines.

Bikes, gear and guides can be rented in the Adventure Center in hotel Rila, a central point of interest for all resort visitors.

The main places of interest for bike riders though can be found on the slopes of our beautiful Rila mountain.

Borovets Mountainbike Park aims to give riders access to the best terrain the mountain has on offer.

The trail crew keep methodically improving things in the park, often one nail at a time.

And, as the trails are build by riders for riders, the boys from the crew enjoy every chance to get some dirt on their tires.

When it comes to getting infront of the lens the boys are always ready!

Hristo Stoykov is no stranger to airtime.

Georgi Boshnyakov, enjoyng some deep turns in the lush Rila forests.

Rooty rough sections break up the rhythm between perfect turns.

The trails make use of the natural terrain shapes and offer a lot of flow with their numerous compressions and humps, inviting riders to get playful.

Meet the new bikepark maskot - George (the one on the right) - he's got a pretty thick head, but despite not being the talkative type he still enjoys company.

Keep an eye on his antics when you're visiting the park, he likes to say hi to his fellow riders.

The new starting area of the bikepark is located right next to the Downhill Snack & Grill @ Sitnyakovo Rock, which is always a good place to stop and kick back, taking in some pretty good views, food and beverages.

The terrace offers some pretty jaw-dropping views, including this one towards the Markudjik area high up in the mountain.

Quite naturally though, riders show more interest towards these signs instead.

The trails that follow from here on down are understandably the main attraction here.

The jumps, located in the new upper parts of the trails, are quite fun!

Simeon Valkov gets sideways.

The new, freshly shaped sections combine well with worn in classic bits that are delightfuly rowdy and rough...

... as well as highway-like sections which involve riding flat out at blistering speeds.

Our favourite turns in our favourite woods - that's what it's all about!

Few things in life can compare to the feeling of railing these never-ending curves at mach 1.

And after shredding trails all day the bike wash can feel like a well-deserved happyend! We strongly recommend trying it for yourself!