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Borovets Chronicles / Summer 2019 pre-season updates

31 May 2019, Georgi Daskalov

Summer 2019 is fast approaching in Borovets. The countdown has begun and our crews are busy prepping the resort facilities for yet another season of endless fun. With less than two weeks to go, let’s check out what they’re up to.

The bottom slopes of our beautiful Rila are already coloured by the fresh greens of summer.

The snow is long gone from the lower part of the mountain, replaced by a mat of bright flowers.

The sound of lawnmowers will soon be replaced by children's laughter in our Borolandia kids club.

Over at our Rope town our staff is busy renovating the features - mother nature takes its toll on the woodwork.

Elaborate new structures are built in place of the old ones to guarantee safety and fun.

Each feature is looked and thought over and new ideas often pop up.

Precise woodworking and attention to detail are applied at every step of the process.

Constructing the features requires creativity, engineering skills, a steady hand...

...and a lot of measuring before cutting.

In the end pieces always fall together like parts of a puzzle.

The creation...

And it's creators - Ivan Pernikliev and Krasi Vangelov.

Time to move to the top of the Sitnyakovo area - the higher parts of the mountain offer amazing views!

We are here to check out some new mountain bike trails though - the guys from the bikepark crew have been busy!

They show me a new trail designed for beginners and people looking for a relaxed ride down the mountain.

The trail flows over further to the right of the old bikepark trails and is not in a big hurry to loose elevation.

This means It should be good fun for riders of all levels, with a lot of twisty linked turns and good length.

And while it's generally less steep than our other trails it still has some good gradient.

The bikepark was sorely missing a trail like this one - still a proper mountain bike trail, but fun and safe even for complete beginners.

With plenty more updates scheduled for the next few months it looks like we'll be having one exciting summer in Borovets. Let's just pray to the heavens for good weather!