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Stories from the mountain

31 January 2017, Viktor Varoshkin

The mountain is our inspiration. It give us unforgettable experiences and emotions, that sometimes words fails us to describe. We crave for adventures and we love the stories that make us part of them. Therefore, we introduce you here to the first of a series of mountain stories, shared by Viktor Varoshkin. 

Viktor has dedicated his life to the extreme in all its dimensions. From rock or ice climbing to ski touring and freeride, Victor is devoted to all forms of movement in the mountains, embracing fully the life of the 'new nomads' of today. 

The vast area beyond the borders of the ski zone of Markudjik 3 offers the freedom of riding on virgin terrain. The slope's denivelation and easy access prolong the endeavor and ensure multiple descents. The spicy terrain offers some rock drops and is a perfect playground of snow dumps to be celebrated but also an arena in which one should be treading lightly. Every rider should behave in a self sufficient manner and take into account the snow conditions and safety measures. After all skiing is an art of living and pushing your lines shouldn't be pushing your limits.