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Sun and snow at the beginning of January

12 January 2020, Georgi Daskalov

It's the beginning of January - the destination is Borovets once again. Our beloved Rila mountain greets us covered in clouds. Will the sunny forecast come true?

Pretty soon the sun shines through and down at the resort base the weather becomes luxurious.

As we go up we see the remaining clouds surrendering to the suns' power, retreating between the pine trees for a brief moment before disappearing.

Here's the good news - there's decent snow and the season is ON! It's always good to see fresh white stuff on the trees here - the mountain looks sugar coated!

Perfect ingredients for a sweet day in Borovets - sunbeds at the top station, smiles all around and a cup of hot tea. 

Here's a look back to our eyes in the mountain - the webcams. Who knows how many people are looking through this lens at this very moment.

And the moment has come to make our first turns for the day! True winter, at last.

A plentiful mix of artificial and natural snow allow for good riding in the Sitnykaovo area.

Every sun spot on the piste becomes a prime target for blowing up.

The new 6-seater Martinovi Baraki Express makes the question whether to go up for another run obsolete.

Winter is wonderful!

We can only try to enjoy it as much as we possibly can.

Up in the alpine parts of the mountain the freezing winds pound relentlessly across the ridges and peaks.

As we go looking for a calmer place to play we often find new friends.

Even if common sense tells us there's not much snow yet...

...we still find terrain for linking together a couple of pow turns.

Riding should be done with great caution as it is still early season and there's not a very good base yet, but off-piste is now possible.

At the end of the day it's always worth it to go up again with the gondola.

Even the sights along the way make it worthwhile all by themselves!

What's the best way to send off a day full of sun, fun and riding?

We think it's best done with riding - going for one last run and aiming to catch the last sun rays with the spray from our turns.

We even manage to find some soft snow leftovers near the edge of the pistes. Such a perfect 7th of January!