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Pass the adventure on

From 07 April 2019

The official closing of winter season 2018/2019 will be on 7 of April 2019. On this day Borovets will organize the relay-race "Pass the adventure on" for skiers and bikers. 

The relay will start at 03:30 PM at the upper station of lift Sitnyakovo Express. The best ski instructors from Ski School Borosport and many of the talented skiers from the ski clubs in Borovets will start the down-slope there. At the lower part of the surface lift "Sitnyakovo" they will pass on the relay to the bikers from Bike Park Borosport. - the champions from Samokov Stivi Gatev and Vicky Goncheva, the boys from Pro Team Samokov, the extreme girls from Wild Berries and many more. 

Bikers and skiers will meet in front of Hotel Rila to celebrate the end of winter season 2018/2019 and the upcoming spring and summer adventures. 

Stay tuned for more information about summer season 2019!