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Memorial to the Champions

From 13 March 2017

On the 13th March 1pm, the ski race "Memorial to the Champions" will take place in Borovets. 

The ski race is organised in the memory of the ski legends from Samokov from the near and distant past:  

Lyudmil Tonchev, Dimitar Angelov, Petar Angelov, Aleksandar Nestov, Georgi Doykov, Ivan Nedyalkov, Iskra Barzanova, Asen Barzanov and many others. 

Their contribution to the 120 years of ski history in Borovets is inspiration to the new generation of ski champions of Bulgaria. 

The race will take place on ski run Yastrebets 3 in the following disciplines: 

GS - girls - age 8 (U8)

GS- boys -age 8 (U8)

GS- girls - age 10 (U10)

GS- boys -age 10 (U10)

GS- girls - age 12  (U12)

GS- girls - age 12 (U12)

The race will is organised by the "Petar Popangelov and friends for Borovets" Foundations, Borosport, Samokov Municipality and BFSki.