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Telemark for a second consequative year in the ski resort Borovets

From 16 February 2017
To 19 February 2017

From 16th till 19th of February  Borovets will be hosting the Balkan Telemark - Bulgaria.

After the successfuly held event in 2016, in which took part over 80 people from 4 countries, we want to invite you to Balkan Telemark - 2017 at "Iglika" ski run in Borovets ski resort. Together with Telemark Snow Events, (proffesional Telemark instructors from Italy) and the kind cooperation of “Borosport” and “Rila” hotel, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with one of most attractive and oldest technics of ski sliding - Telemark.

This year again in the Event of Balkan Telemark - Bulgaria Telemark Snow Events will supply you with their expert experience and equipment free of charge.

Telemark Snow Events have been trying to make popular the Telemark ski style in Italy and from last year also in My Borovets - Bulgaria.
Taking part in our Event, you will be able to receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

We should admit that we love Borovets. Not only because its close to Sofia but on a working day when we can skip of work in the office and in less than an hour we can be on the almost empty sloops.
Not only because it keeps the Alps’ spirit and there is No otherwise place, where you can get out of the hotel with your ski but because only in Borovets you can be in the pool with a view of the magnificent Rila’s peeks.
Borovets can’t disappoit us in any respect.
In 2016 Borovets Ski Resort, Bulgaria celebrated 120 years as a resort.

Everybody is invited!

Following the principle “First-come, first-served”, we advise you to confirm your presense in advance. To register, please write to: balkan_

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