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„Nestle for Live Actively!“ for the first time in the winter – 29th of February in Borovets

From 29 February 2020

29th of February is the date when Bulgaria will live actively in winter. For the first time in its 15-year history the mass initiative for balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle “Nestle for Live Actively” will challenge kids and adults to explore the different options for winter activities.

“I invite everyone who prefers to stay home during the winter to join the activities on 29th of February in Borovets and understand that winter is the season that offers not only the most diverse options for fun, but the conditions in the mountain and the fresh air strengthen the health”, said Ekaterina Dafovska – the only Bulgarian biathlon Olympic champion. She stays behind the initiative “Nestle for Live Actively” and explains that in winter the body burns more calories. For example, playing volleyball for 1 hour burns 400 calories, while skiing burns 500 calories.

Ekaterina Dafovska - one of the ambassadors of the initiative 

Borovets Resort, Borosport and Hotel Rila are hosts of the event, as one of the most favorite winter resorts offers variety of options for practicing winter sports. Ski, snowboard, sledging as well as snowman and igloo making  are part of the fun activities organized by Nestle Bulgaria and Borosport. The activities will be free of charge and with plenty of prizes for the participants.

Official partner of the sport day is Samokov municipality and the Mayor of the town of Samokov - Vladimir Georgiev.

From its start in 2006 until now “Nestle for live actively” transformed itself from an initiative to a national movement. More than 450 000 Bulgarians took part during the years and more than 170 partners supported the message for the benefits of the active lifestyle. In 2019 “Nestle Live Actively” partnered with more than 100 institutions, sports club and federations, experts and celebrities and organized more than 120 events in the country together with the National association of the municipalities.  

About Nestle for Live Actively! 

In the last 15 years the initiative Nestle for Live Actively! gave the nation the opportunity to practice sports with many of the most loved Bulgarian sport stars. 50 of the biggest sport celebrities of Bulgaria took part in the initiative. Amongst them are Neshka Robeva, Yordan Yovchev, Evgeny Ivanov-Pushkata, Yordanka Blagoeva, Titi Papazov, Sany Zhekova, Tervel Pulev, Nasko Sirakov, Iliyana Raeva, Mariya Grozdeva, Tereza Marinova, Simona Peycheva, Armen Nazaryan, Ekaterina Dafovska, Vlado Nikolov, Sesil Karayancheva, Nikolay Zhelyazkov, Nikolay Gergov, Bratan Cenov, Antonina Zetova, Nelly Marinova, Strashimira Filipova and many others. 

The initiative is under the patronage of the Bulgarian Ministry of Youth and Sports.