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The “Chakar voivode” festival

From 19 July 2019
To 20 July 2019

The “Chakar voivode” festival is one of the main events of the cultural program of Samokov municipality. This year the traditional festival will be on 19th and 20th of July on the well-known Chakar’s glade near the Karagyol area in Rila mountain. The festival, organized by the historical club “Chakar voivode” and Samokov municipality, will gather together people who love and protect the Bulgarian traditions.

The celebrations will start with the ignition of the “Voivode bonfires”. The special historical reenactment will be on the second day of the festival on the Chakar’s glade. After the reenactment both participants and guests will enjoy special boiled mutton, a tradition for health and prosperity in Bulgaria.

 The location of Chakar’s glade can be found here. More information about the event you can receive from the historical club “Chakar voivode” and Samokov municipality.