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Cross-country national championship 22 March 2020 The cross-country national championship will be hosted in Borovets Resort between 22nd and 24th March 2020. Competition for cup “Borobord” 2020 18 March 2020 The biggest snowboard competition for kids will be in Borovets between 18th and 20th March 2020. National kids’ championship 16 March 2020 The national kid’s championship will be on 16th and 17th March in Borovets Resort. Giant slalom for cup “Chamkoria Junior” 12 March 2020 The giant slalom for cup “Chamkoria Junior” will be on 12th of March 2020 Giant slalom “Champions memorial” 11 March 2020 The giant slalom “Champions memorial” will be on Wednesday 11 March 2020. Giant slalom for cup “Petar Popangelov - Senior” 10 March 2020 The annual giant slalom for the “Petar Popangelov - Senior” cup will be on Tuesday 10th of March 2020. Cross-country competition for “Samokov” cup 07 February 2020 The annual cross-country competition for “Samokov” cup will be held on February 7th 2020, Friday. Slalom for cup “Borosport” 31 January 2020 On 31 January 2020, Friday, Borovets Resort will host the slalom competition for “Borosport” cup. World snow day 2020 18 January 2020 On 18 January 2020, Saturday, Borovets Resort will take part in the international initiative World Snow Day for a ninth year in a row. Culture and sports program 2019 01 November 2019 Events in Borovets, Samokov and the region in 2019 Rally Raid 2019 27 September 2019 Rounds from the "Samokov 4x4" national enduro and trophy championships. Borovets Closing Ride 2019 22 September 2019 Join us on 22 September for a guided tour to the backcountry trails at Borovets Resort with the Borovets Mountain Bike Park team. Borovets open cup 2019 13 September 2019 Vivacom Downhill Series #4 Borovets Boro Rock 2019 31 August 2019 On 31st of August in Borovets Adventure Sky Run 2019 31 August 2019 Folklore festival “Dar ot prirodata” 24 August 2019 On 25th and 25th of August The Holiday of Samokov 15 August 2019 Between 15th & 21st of August Road Cycling Cup Kamen Stanchev 14 August 2019 Road cycling race on 14.08 Rila Run 2019 11 August 2019 The traditional mountain half-marathon will take place in August Balkan Run 2019 – Together on the Road 08 August 2019 Festival for automobile and motorcycle enthusiasts The day of Rila mountain 2019 03 August 2019 On 3rd and 4th of August Borovets Camera Days 2019 27 July 2019 27 July 2019 / Borovets Mountain Bike Park Borovets Adventure Fest 2019 20 July 2019 Come in Borovets Resort on 20 and 21 of July and experience your favorite mountain adventures. The “Chakar voivode” festival 19 July 2019 On 19th and 20th of July