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27 January 2021

On 26th and 27th of January the slalom for “Borosport” cup was held on Borovets. The competition is part of the calendar of the Bulgarian Ski Federation. Skiers from Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and Kosovo participated in the event.

The slalom was organized by “Borosport” and the Bulgarian Ski Federation.

The competition was held on ski slope “Martinovi baraki 4” in ski-center Sitnyakovo.

First from the men finished Kalin Zlatkov (BUL) with total time 1:28.30. Second was Konstantin Stoilov (BUL) with 1:29:66 and third was Georgi Okolski (BUL) with 1:32.03.

Julia Zlatkova (BUL) finished first from the women with 1:32.94. Second was Silvia Madjarska (BUL) with 1:42:14, while third was Reyhan Yildirim (TUR) 1:44.14.

On the second slalom first finished Kalin Zlatkov with 1:36.98, second was Konstantion Stoilov with 1:39.69 and third Derin Berkin with time 1:39.73.

Julia Zlatkova from Bulgaria was first from the women with time 1:45.52. Seond was Silvia Madjarska (BUL) with 1:53.14 and third was Sila Kara from Turkey with 1:56.81.

See the full results here:

Borosport - 2021 - Women- 1.pdf

Borosport - 2021 - Men- 1.pdf

Borosport - 2021 - Women - 2.pdf

Borosport- 2021 - Men- 2.pdf