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Another great winter season for Borovets resort

02 April 2019

Another successful winter season in Borovets resort is coming to its end. During winter season 2018/2019 the daily visitors in the first Bulgarian ski resort increased by 10%. In the winter months Borovets welcomed more tourists from all nationalities, except for Russian guests. The growth of Bulgarian tourists is by 6%, based on nights spend in the resort.  

In winter season 2018/2019 Borovets provided ski-runs with perfect conditions and welcomed its guests with the brand new high-speed six-seater "Martinovi Baraki Express". With doubled speed and capacity, the new lift allowed thousands of skiers and snowboarders to spend more time on the slopes not only during the day, but also during the popular night skiing in the resort.

This year the guests who bought reusable ski-passes were twice as much in comparison with the last year. The easy and fast recharge of the reusable ski-pass provides more time on the slopes, but not only that. Also, the owners of reusable ski-passes had  5% discount of the price in every charge during the whole season.

This year Borovets hosted more than 10 competitions in the disciplines slalom, cross-country skiing and biathlon. For another year in a row, the young Bulgarian ski talents had the opportunity to practice in the resort. They showed their skills in many competitions, part of the initiative of Borosport to encourage the kids to practice winter sports. In addition, Borosport provided ski-passes for the kids in Samokov municipality during the school breaks and for one week every month during the winter. More than 300 kids did their first steps in the winter sports during the initiatives “World Snow Day” and “Learn to ski”.

Borovets also honored the Bulgarian ski-legend Peter Popangelov on his 60th birthday. Big event with friends, colleagues and the family of the champion was held at the end of January.

The safety in the mountain is one of the main priorities of Borosport. This is the reason of the demonstrations and teaching games during winter season 2018/2019, that showed the kids how to be safe in the mountain and the free-riders how to act in case of avalanche.

The official closing of the season in Borovets will be on April 7th with exciting competitions during on both weekend days. On April 6th the resort will host the 55th National ski championship for journalists. The start will be at 10:00 AM on ski-run “Yastebets 3”.

On Sunday, the resort will close the season with a special relay-race in ski-center “Sitnyakovo” at 03:30 PM. The event "Pass the adventure on" will unite skiers and mountain bikers to celebrate the end of the winter and the upcoming summer activities in Borovets.