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5 reasons why Winter season 2018/2019 will be so special

15 November 2018

Borosport is getting ready for the upcoming winter season in Borovets. They are preparing many surprises for all the guests in the resort during Winter 2018/2019. The following list is a sneak peek to why this season will be so special.

The new lift – “Martinovi Baraki Express”

Undoubtedly the biggest innovation is the new lift in Borovets. The new lift replaces the old 4-seater on the existing line with new technology, significant increase in capacity and speed. The new lift will be taking up to 3,000 people per hour – more than two times more than before and the riding time will take only 3.5 minutes – more than two time faster than before.

10% discount for the seasonal lift pass

This ski pass allows you access to the lifts and the ski facilities in the resort. Borosport announced that until 30.11.2018 the seasonal lift pass will be with 10% discount. This means that the pass for an adult will cost you 900 BGN and for kids – 630 BGN. What a great deal!  You can buy your card directly from the website: here.

5% discount for online booking

Every skier or snowboarder in Borovets can charge his/hers card with 5% discount from the website. This is a compliment from Borosport and will allow everyone who owns a reusable ski card to charge it online and be the first ones on the slopes. And the discount will be applicable during the entire season. You can recharge the card from here.

Snow parks

Everybody knows that Borovets is perfect for the freestyle skiers and snowboarders. This year both parks – Snow Park Borosport and Family Park Borosport will offer great challenges for the winter enthusiasts. Snow Park Borosport, right in front Hotel Rila will surprise the advanced freestyle riders with new elements, while the beginners will practice their techniques in the Family park, located in Ski center “Yastrebets”.

The smallest guests in Borovets will have the opportunity to learn the basics with the professional Borosport ski instructors in the specially designed snow park Borokids.

Exciting events

During winter season 2018/2019 many exciting events will take place in Borovets. The resort will host variety of sport competitions and races during which the Bulgarian ski and snowboard stars will show their best.  Borosport will publish the official sports calendar in the following weeks and we are extremely excited about that.

Despite the sport competitions, other thrilling events will be hosted in Borovets and we can’t wait for the winter to begin. If you don’t want to miss the news from us, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or subscribe to our mailing list.

It looks like Winter 2018/2019 will be more than exciting.