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Borovets is Ready for the New Ski Season

22 October 2020

The lifts are being checked according to the planned schedule. The snow guns are tested and ready. The artificial snow equipment will start making snow as soon as the weather conditions permit.

The estimated Open Season date is December 19 or earlier, if possible.

You can already buy ski or snowboard services online. Please check our website: and the mobile app.

For the sake of our common safety and the peace of mind of its guests, Borovets will open the ski season with higher standards for hygiene and sanitation. In addition, social and physical distancing practices and the mandatory use of personal protective equipment must be adhered to, as part of our program “BE SAFE & STAY ACTIVE WITH BOROSPORT!”, implemented this summer. Find out what to expect this ski season while skiing in Borovets by reviewing the detailed instructions on our website:

The hotels in Borovets will also apply strict new rules and prevention measures this ski season. They are expecting guests with exclusive prices, flexible terms, many extras and bonuses, diverse outdoor activities, kids’ animation, as well as special offers for long stay and “office in the mountain”:

For up-to-date info - please follow our website and our mobile app, as well as our FB page: My Borovets.

Reminder - outdoor sports and activities in the mountain are good for your health. Be healthy and stay active!