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Outdoor adventures

Bicycle Rental
Bicycle Rental

Bicycles are for every age and different skills level.
You can choose the best for you, but do not forget about the protection equipment.

Available are bike coaching, rent a bike intro and diferent level bike tours.

Learn more about bike park at Borovets, rent a bike and try the trails.

Take a look of the prices for bike rental and coaching here.

Tandem powered paragliding
Tandem powered paragliding

The tandem powered paragliding will boost your adrenaline and will reveal the beauty of Rila mountain from above.

Available on request.

Price: 80 BGN

Includes: equipment, professional instructor *

*Transportation is not included

All day Kayaking on lake Iskar
All day Kayaking on lake Iskar

Starting from the Borosport Information Center in “Rila” hotel with transportation to lake “Iskar” – the largest lake in Bulgaria, the one day kayaking program is suitable for people with no special physical training or previous experience in rowing, as well as children above 10 years of age. 

A professional kayaking trainer will be guiding you during the entire tour. 

Price: 70.00 BGN

Includes: transportation, equipment, kayak, insurance, trainer

Rafting & Canyoning
Rafting & Canyoning

River adventures for the bravest.

Rafting in Struma river

Price: 50.00 BGN

Every day (minimum 4 people in week days)

Rafting in Iskar river

Price 45.00 BGN

Every day (minimum 4 people)

Canyoning in Vlahi river

Price: 80.00 BGN

Every day (minimum 4 people)

Paragliding tandem flights
Paragliding tandem flights

Available on request every day except Monday and Tuesday.

Price: 160.00 BGN

Includes: transfer, equipment, lift ticket, professional instructor


Live your own battle adventure in the mountains. You can choose to play classic paintball game, tournament or you can confront some of the best professional paintball players in Bulgaria in scenarios such as "Save the hostage", "Escort the VIP", "Deactivate the bomb" and many more.

Price for paintball in scenarios: 64.00 BGN/ person
Price for paintball tournament: 33.00 BGN/ person
Price for classic paintball: 36.00 BGN/ person

*Price are for groups of 30 people, minimum.

The events are organized upon request. Please contact Adventure center Borosport for further information. 

Boroland Rope Town
Boroland Rope Town

Thrill and excitement for every age!

The adventure theme park is a safe and fun way for the guests to let their wild inner selves, out.  
Suitable for children and adults as well.

Price: 5.00 BGN/round
Includes professional instructor.

Kids club Borolandia
Kids club Borolandia

Enjoy a relaxing holiday with your children in Borovets! We will make sure that you have an active and serene stay in the mountain, while your kids are having fun. 

Price for 1 hour: 10.00 BGN

Price for 30 min.: 6.00 BGN

Your child will be accompanied and carefully attended by our cheerful animators.

Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding

The horse base has purpose-trained horses and ponies. We offer hourly, half-day and all day tours in the Borovets area.

Price for 1 hour: 40.00 BGN

Price for 1 day: 130.00 BGN

Includes: professional instructor


Badminton (rent a field and accessories) - 5.00 BGN/ 1 hour

Volleyball (rent a field and a ball) - 5.00 BGN/ 1 hour

Archery - 5.00 BGN/ 6 shoots

Air riffle shooting - 5.00 BGN/ 12 shoots

Trampoline - 3.00 BGN/ 15 minutes


Tennis coaching (1 h.) -38.00 BGN

Rent a tennis court (1 h.) - 20.00 BGN

Rent a tennis rocket (1 h.) - 7.00 BGN

Rent a tennis court seasonal VIP card - 300.00 BGN