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Borovets Resort is located at 1300-1400 m above sea level, on the Northern slopes of the Rila mountain. Ever since its establishment in 1886 - when the first villa was built in Borovets - it has been a favorite destination for alpinism and relaxation. Two years later, King Ferdinand had his royal residence, Tsarska Bistriza built there and the rest is history. Known until the mid-20th century as Chamkoria, it is the first mountain resort in Bulgaria and the entire Balkan range. In the 60-ties and 70-ties of the 20th century, the resort was upgraded to become the biggest center for winter sports in the Balkans – surface and other lift facilities were erected, trails were widened and a large number of Alpine style hotels were built, following the latest trend of the times – the French Alps hotels such as Les Arcs in Savoiе.

Today Borovets is a year-round modern resort destination, featuring an excellent network of ski trails and lift facilities, comfortable hotels, a variety of restaurants and night clubs and countless opportunities for adventure and entertainment. The resort offers perfect conditions for mountain tourism and sports: alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country, mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, climbing and much more. On the highest slopes of the Rila mountain – in Marcoudjik ski center, at the peak of the season the snow cover reaches 2 m, creating exceptional conditions for extreme Alpine skiing and snowboarding.

Borosport AD manages the ski trails and is the owner of all lift and snowmaking facilities in the ski zones. Borovets Resort is among the major employers in Samokov.

In both winter and summer seasons, working in the oldest mountain resort in the Balkans is an attractive opportunity for nature and adventure lovers. As an employer, Borosport AD provides safe and comfortable working conditions, indoors and outdoors, attractive social benefit packages and opportunities for professional qualification and development.

We were among the few employers, locally who managed to retain almost all their staff during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Vacant positions:

Job position: Ski Rental Attendant Ski coach Ski patrol Ticket control Ropeway Department Attendant Cashier