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Family Hotel Popangelov

Family hotel Popangelov is located in the heart of Borovets at the very final of the third ski run Martinovi baraki. 

The hotel is a beloved place in Borovets as it is located just meters away from the ski runs and the resort’s skiing facility and is known for the special atmosphere of the family house. The life of Popangelovi is the history of alpine skiing in Bulgaria and the history of turning Borovets into a world ski center. 

This is a unique spot boasting a magnificent view of the fir forest. At our home, you can enjoy the beauty of the mountain and the crystal clear air, combine active sport with total relaxation. 

The hotel is the perfect place for friends’ gatherings and for ardent skiers from all over the world, also a place for meeting new friends. We do our best to provide our guests with comfort, cozy ambiance and flawless service.

Popangelovi Family

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