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Program "Be Safe & Stay Active with Borosport"



Dear guests, we are delighted to reunite with you in the snowy pine forests of Borovets! As we well know, an active lifestyle and fresh air is the best medicine. There’s no better place to venture to, than the white slopes and picturesque Rila mountain range. Our team is here to assist you with personalized attention and anything you may need.

First and most importantly, we would like to remind all of our guests that keeping each other safe is a shared responsibilityl.

Our team is working round the clock to ensure your safety and provide you with peace and comfort during your stay with us, in these difficult times. We have implemented and constantly update additional guidelines and procedures in cleaning, sanitation and social distancing, for the benefit of all guests and staff.

For the sake of our common safety, please ensure that you comply with the following guidelines at all times:

Dear guests, we ask for your compliance with the safety measures taken and we apologize in advance if implementation of these rules may cause delays or disruptions to our regular services.



Dear guests, our team is ready and delighted to welcome you to a safe and clean environment, operating with the highest standards in sanitation and hygiene. In addition, we are also observing social and physical distancing practices and adhering to the “new normal” during the Covid–19 and post- Covid–19 era. We apologize in advance if the requirements of our new program Be Safe & Stay Active with Borosport! cause delays and/or changes in our regular services.

Please bear in mind that protecting the health of each and every one of us is a shared responsibility. For this reason, we would like to stress the importance of adhering to the safety recommendations below, during your stay with us:

Dear guests, we kindly ask you to read the safety measures in place, before your arrival in the resort and we thank you in advance for your understanding and strict adherence to these guidelines.

General  Information

Borosport has set up a Covid–19 Response Task Force which you may contact by phone at +359 888 23 00 20. The Covid–19 prevention measures and rules which we have compiled and implemented are based on instructions by the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (NCIPD), guidelines and materials provided by the General Labor Inspectorate, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, as well as the best international practices for sanitation of mountain, forest, entertainment and other types of parks and respective equipment. Our medical partner and consultant in the preparation process is the Tokuda Hospital and its chief epidemiologist, who assists us with continuous coordination and updates, to our safety rules and procedures.

For your safety we have:

Our employees

All our employees and staff undergo initial and ongoing trainings, organized by the Covid–19 Response Task Force on the following topics:

Employees displaying temperature over 37.5º С are not allowed on the work premises.

Information signage

Signage will be posted throughout the resort at all sites operated by Borosport. Please read them carefully. Thank you for observing all rules and instructions.


The preparation of the disinfectant solutions is done in compliance with the guidelines given by the Ministry of Health, our consultant Tokuda Hospital and the manufacturer. The binding minimum concentrates for the sanitizing solutions are strictly observed.

Sanitation dispensers for employees’ use are available in all of our offices, the Adventure Center, the ski school, ski rentals, ski depot at the Rila Hotel, at the ticket sale offices and the lift stations, the Kindergarten, and outdoors next to Borokids, in the shuttles/buses transporting guests and employees.

Work Outfit and Personal Protective Equipment

Each employee in direct contact with guests wears, unconditionally, a face covering “buff” type. Before putting on face coverings, employees wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water – and only as a last resort (should there be no access to running hot water) - they to use hand sanitizer.


Guests movement and flow

We have organized the guests movement flows in a way that guarantees:

Guests are not allowed to stand closer to each other than the binding distance unless they belong to one family/household.

Congregation of guests is not allowed, including in areas such as the Adventure Center, ski and snowboard rentals, Kindergarten, gathering points for ski school groups, tours etc.

Adventure center

We have implemented a sanitation schedule for:

Please wait for your turn and keep a safe distance! A maximum of 3 guests are allowed into the Adventure Center at a given time while safe distance is observed.

Only guests wearing a face mask or another face covering will be admitted to the premises.

Please use credit/debit cards for payment.

Please observe the signage.

Please make use of the sanitizing dispenser.

Ticket offices

We have implemented a sanitation schedule for:

Please make use of the sanitizing dispensers at the cashier’s desktop.

Ski school Borosport

At the office of the ski school we have implemented a sanitation schedule for:

Please wait for your turn and keep a safe distance! A maximum of 3 guests are allowed into the Ski School’s office at a given time while safe distance is observed.

Only guests wearing a face mask or other face coverings will be admitted to the premises.

Please use the hand sanitizing dispensers.

 Group Tuition

The operation of the ski school is based on strict rules: the maximum number of pupils in each group is ten. Guests displaying clear signs of illness are not allowed in the groups. Mixing of groups or transferring between groups is not allowed. During the training the requirements for safe distance between the pupils and the instructors must be observed. Face coverings are compulsory.

Before starting of the classes ski and snowboard instructors, ski school employees and all pupils will have their temperature checked. All participants in the groups must sign a form stating that they have no Covid-19 symptoms and have not been in contact with Covid-19 carriers. Throughout the training safe distance of at least 1.5m must be kept.

Still we advise Individual tuition as being the safest.

Guest Transfer 

Our staff in charge of the transfers are observing the following rules:

The shuttles are sanitized per schedule – three times a day.

Ski and snowboard rentals

|We have implemented a regular sanitation schedule for:

Please register online in advance and wait for your turn. Please observe the distancing requirements!

Only guests wearing face masks or other type face coverings will be allowed in.

Please use the hand sanitizing dispensers.

Kindergarten and kids park “Borokids”

We have implemented a regular sanitation schedule for:

All staff at the daycare and the instructors at Boroskids have their temperature checked on a daily basis and per schedule.

The daycare operates in compliance with strict rules:

Gondola lift Yastrebets

We have implemented a regular sanitation schedule for:

All stations have sufficient stock of equipment and sanitation products.


The lift gondolas are sanitized per schedule not less than three times a day.

For YOU:

Chairlifts and Drag Lifts

We have implemented a regular sanitation schedule for:

All stations have sufficient stock of sanitation products.

For YOU:

Adm. Offices and work premises

We have introduced strict sanitation protocols for the main office premises of the Company.

All employees in all administrative departments are required to wear face masks indoors, at all times.

Updating our Covid–19 Safety Rules and Procedures

We follow regularly the constantly changing epidemic situation in our country and in the world, as well as the information coming from the WHO and the EU institutions. We are adapting and updating our Covid–19 Safety and Prevention Rules based on the guidelines from the Bulgarian health authorities, the Bulgarian government and the standards and practices of the other EU member countries. Each and every one of the rules and procedures herewith will be updated regularly and we will keep you notified of every change.

Dear guests, we don’t know when this pandemic will be over or when our lives will go back to normal. Meanwhile we will be adhering to the standards of the “new normal”. But we would like you to know that when you decide to travel once again, we will be ready to welcome you back to a safe and clean environment.

Thank you for your loyal support. Please be healthy and stay active.