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A unique landscape, fresh air and beautiful scenery – Borovets is the perfect destination for a memorable time with co-workers. You will be assisted by Borosport’s professional team building staff in organizing various games, sport activities and entertainment for your employees.

Outdoor Games
Outdoor Games

The tower -  Team game where the teams are competing who will build the highest and most stable tower. 

Duration: 20 min.

Balloon relay-race - Team game where the players should pass through different impediments without loosing the balloons.

Archery - Participants from both teams fire at a target to collect points for their team.

Cobweb -  Team game where the participants should pass through a web from ropes, without touching them.

Darkness - Team game where the participants should pass through different impediments with covered eyes, following the guidance of their leader.

Transfer the water - Team game where the participant should carefully transfer the water using a furrow they created.

Ski walking - Two teams should walk in synchronization with ski on the grass.

Hoops -  The participants should pass to each other a hoop for time. No limitations for the participants.

Throwing rings -  Throwing rings to stands for points. No limitations for the participants.

Tug of war - Team game where the two teams pull a rope to measure their strength.

Sack race -  Fun game where the participants from both teams compete for passing the trace faster.

Adventurous team building
Adventurous team building

For those who seek powerful emotions Borovets Climbing & Mountaineering offers speciall programs with various impediments, rope elements like webs or trolleys, combined with games that will stimulate the logical thinking. These adventurous team building will take the participants in a unforgettable adventure and will boost their adrenaline. 

Our professional team will prepare the program, according to the number of participants, their training and desires.

Prices and contacts
Prices and contacts

Price for one game - 10 BGN
Price for four games - 35 BGN

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