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Fun Park Borovets

Located at the top of ski run Sitnyakovo 1- at Ski Center Sitnyakovo, Fun Park Borovets is a 92-meter-long ski and snowboard trail, split across two lanes and suitable for all level riders – beginners to advanced.
The left lane is suitable for beginners-intermediate level riders and has a 5-meter “Flat Box”, a 6-meter “Down Box” and a 5-meter “Rainbow Box”.
The right lane is suitable for advanced level riders and has a 5-meter “Flat Rail”, a 6-meter “Down Rail”, a 6-meter “Flat Rail”.
The terrain is equipped with specialized devices, allowing riders to change lanes, ride adventurously and maximize their experience in the Park.
The Fun Park consists entirely of devices focused on creating the perfect conditions to practice the so-called “Jibbing” skills, riding on metal and plastic devices.
The Fun Park is groomed on a daily basis and will operate until the end of the 2020/2021 season.

Fun Park Borovets is located at Sitnyakovo 1  and is serviced by high speed quad "Sitnyakovo Express" and surface lift "Sitnyakovo".


1. All Fun Park elements are intended for EXPERTS in freestyle skiing and snowboarding!

2. Riding in the Fun Park can cause serious injury or even death!

3. Show extreme care for your own safety and the safety of everybody around you!

4. Only use the rails within your range of ability!

5. All FIS Regulations apply here!

6. Wearing a helmet and back protector is obligatory!

7. Using the park is on your own risk!

8. All orders by the ski patrol must be obeyed!

9. Always assess your speed carefully!

10. Stay off the elements when not riding on them!

11. Use extra caution in case of low visibility!

12. Before you start, make sure that you have enough landing space and clearance time!

13. Leave the landing area immediately - extreme danger!

14. When the park is closed for maintenance work, riding is absolutely forbidden!

15. In case of an accident, secure the injured person and offer first aid! Immediately notify the mountain rescue at +359 887 100 243!

16. Keep the park clean – all trash belongs in the waste containers!

17. By entering the park you automatically accept these rules as legally binding!

18. Anyone disregarding the rules will be subject to fines and prosecution!

*The insurance included in the lift pass does not cover incidents in the Fun Park Borovets!!!