Established in 2010 and reconstructed annually, the Borovets Mountain Bike Park has 14 marked trails, 50 km long and varying levels of difficulty. New to the park this year are the addition of three trails including the challenging freeride trail - Dirty Dan.

The trails at Borovets Mountain Bike Park are maintained on a daily basis by a professional team that takes care of cleaning, servicing and marking the terrain.

Borovets Mountain Bike Park is accessible by the Sitnyakovo Express chairlift, which will get you to the start of your epic downhill in less than 12 minutes.

On the website you can keep track of open and closed trails by clicking here.

The Flintstones: Difficulty Level: Easy/ Beginners

Length: 6000 m.
Top point altitude: 1375 m.
Bottom point altitude: 1283 m.
Elevation: 92 m.

This mountain biking trail will take your family through one of the most picturesque spots in Borovets. It starts from the “Adventure Center Rila Hotel” and evolves on a shady way across the forest to the “Chernata Skala” (The Black Rock), it crosses Borovets and goes towards “Bistritsa” sports center, to finally end back to the “Rila” hotel. You need about 2 hours of quiet cycling to complete this charming route.

The Simpsons: Difficulty Level: Easy/ Beginners

Length: 5800 m.
Top point altitude: 1804 m.
Bottom point altitude: 1356 m.
Elevation: 448 m.

This family trail was built in 2021 and will leave you and your family breathless with unforgettable memories of your biking adventure. The scenic route starts from the top station of Sitnyakovo Express chairlift, then goes by “Sitnyakovo Rock - Downhill Snack & Grill” to enter into the refreshing forests on its way to the Royal Mansion “Sitnyakovo” and “Gvardeiska Polyana” and to finally end at the bottom station of Sitnyakovo Express lift.

Forrest Gump: Difficulty Level: Easy/ Beginners

Length: 4400 m.
Top point altitude: 1760 m.
Bottom point altitude: 1366 m.
Elevation: 394 m.

A family trail that will take you deep into the cool of the Rila Mountain forests. You will join an adventure full of unforgettable vistas and enjoyable moments combined with a unique nature. The trail start at the top station of “Sitnyakovo Express” ropeway, goes by the Royal Mansion “Sitnyakovo” and crosses the cool forests on its way to the “Chernata Skala” (The Black Rock) where it merges with the shared No9 pathway and ends at the bottom station of “Sitnyakovo Express” lift.

Machete:Difficulty Level: Medium/ Intermediate

Length: 2500 m.
Top point altitude: 1594 m.
Bottom point altitude: 1356 m.
Elevation: 238 m.

The trail features lots of curves, a relatively mild slope, suitable for both expert and intermediate bikers.

Harry Potter: Difficulty Level: Medium/ Intermediate

Lenght: 5100 m.
Top point altitude: 1804 m.
Bottom point altitude: 1356 m.
Elevation: 448 m.

The trail is perfect for not so extreme downhill rides by medium-advanced bikers and is also an accessible challenge for beginners. With its interesting curves and challenging jumps the trail is most certainly among our favorites for a quieter ride in the mountains.

Jumanji:Difficulty Level: Medium/ Intermediate

Length: 5900 m.
Top point altitude: 1479 m.
Bottom point altitude: 1332 m.
Elevation: 147 m.

This adventure trail goes through mixed terrain with varied slopes in both directions. It is suitable for both beginners and more advanced bikers as well. This trail will surprise you, it’s all about you and how fast you can and want to get through it.

Dumbledore:Difficulty Level: Medium/ Intermediate

Length: 525 m.
Top point altitude: 1500m.
Bottom point altitude: 1420 m.
Elevation: 80 m.

A trail that is suitable for both beginners and more advanced riders. It starts at the bottom of Harry Potter and contains easy twists and rolls that you can practice on to improve your technique.

Sun Valley :Difficulty Level: Medium/ Intermediate

Length: 5940 m.
Top point altitude: 1655 m.
Bottom point altitude: 1395 m.
Elevation: 260 m.

A bike trail that is suitable for both all mountain bikes and electric bikes. After a climb up Sitnyakov Ski Road, you are able to join the scenic Sun Valley trail and continue downhill to the central part of the resort. The difficulty level is intermediate, and the views peeking out from behind the trees will take your breath away.

Need for speed: Difficulty Level: Difficult/ Advanced

Length: 3400 m.
Top point altitude: 1784 m.
Bottom point altitude: 1356 m.
Elevation: 428 m.

This trail is among the fastest in the park. With the most of flow, too. It is classics in Borovets. It is equally attractive for both downhill and enduro/allmountain fans.

Tom & Jerry: Difficulty Level: Difficult/ Advanced

Length: 4100 m.
Top point altitude: 1786 m.
Bottom point altitude: 1356 m.
Elevation:430 m.

If you like riding on a smooth, fast and sophisticated trail with no particularly difficult technical areas, take this trail. The more advanced bikers will find a lot of flow on it. The trail is also suitable for less experienced bikers having mastered the basic skills and looking for the next challenge.

Scary movie:Difficulty Level: Experts only

Length: 2430 m.
Top point altitude: 1767 m.
Bottom point altitude:1356 m.
Elevation: 411 m.

The classic race trail in Borovets. It hosts UCI Class 1 & 2 races and many riders hold it to be among the best trails not just in Bulgaria but also internationally.

Rocky:Difficulty Level: Experts only

Length: 3700 m.
Top point altitude: 1783 m.
Bottom point altitude: 1356 m.
Elevation: 427 m.

For all you gravity fans, this trail will surprise you. It offers a pretty good mix of fast singletrack, roots, great turns, technical sections with interesting natural terrain and handmade turns and jumps. The rocks and the boulders make this trail one of the hardest in the park. Use the trail to reach the only one Air Line in the country.

Air Line: Difficulty Level: Experts only

Length: 600 m.
Top point altitude: 1480 m.
Bottom point altitude: 1422 m.
Elevation: 58 m.

A classic Air Line trail for experts only, which will exceed even your best expectations and the adrenaline levels are like nothing else.

Dirty Dan: Difficulty Level: Experts only

Length: 710 m.
Top point altitude: 1560 m.
Bottom point altitude: 1400 m.
Elevation: 160 m.

Freeride trail for all fans of technical, slippery and steep sections with side inclines and drops that will make you feel a great dose of adrenaline and thrilling emotions.

Friday to Tusday: 08:30 a.m. - 06:20 p.m.
Days off: Wednesdays and Thursdays