With the present declaration I agree to practice the mountain biking sport on the marked trails in Borovets Mountain Bike Park and herewith declare that:

1. I realize that riding the mountain bike trails in Borovets Mountain Bike Park carries a potential health and life risk regardless of the fact whether I ride my own bike or a rented one. The risks mainly include but are not limited to those caused by terrain, objects or obstacles of whatever nature, equipment, personal equipment, personal physical fitness, weather conditions, automobile traffic, or by other people using the bike park trails. With the present declaration I certify that I am aware of the risks I take by using the mountain bike trails in Borovets Mountain Bike Park.

2. I certify that I am physically fit and my actions are not counter any qualified medical advice. I also confirm that I have the needed skills and experience in mountain biking and I can ascertain whether the bike I am using is properly equipped and is the right one for the type of trails I will be using.

3. I have received clear and detailed instructions outlining: the safe usage of the trails and the bike, my personal responsibilities on the trails and towards the other bikers, my personal safety and security and other information related to mountain biking and Borovets Mountain Bike Park.

4. I hereby consent that this Declaration of Indemnity can be used by Borosport AD (EIC: 122002603) and certify that I and/or my parents and other successors bear full responsibility for my life, health, caused disability and pain and suffering due to the use of the mountain bike trails in Borovets Mountain Bike Park. Borosport AD and/or any entity or individual related to Borosport AD cannot be held responsible in any way.

5. While using the mountain bike trails in Borovets Mountain Bike Park I take full responsibility for myself, my employees, co-workers, parents and next of keen, heirs, successors and others and further I declare that: (A) I hereby waive, release and discharge of any responsibility Borosport AD, the organisers, sponsors, other participants, incl. bikers, in case of my death, disability, physical injuries, material losses, property theft or any other mishap which may occur to me; (B) I indemnify and hold harmless the physical and legal persons mentioned in (A) in this paragraph from any and all claims and grievances from third persons resulting from any of my actions or inactions during the use of the mountain bike trails in Borovets Mountain Bike Park.  

6. I hereby consent to receive medical treatment in the case of injury, physical trauma or illness sustained during my using the mountain bike trails in Borovets Mountain Bike Park, to be transferred by the Mountain Rescue Service and I am aware that this assistance shall require payment and that I have been offered to insure against those risks at my own expense. 

7. I hereby declare that I am familiar with the Program „BE SAFE & STAY ACTIVE WITH BOROSPORT!“ for combating and preventing the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19 and I undertake to comply with it. Printouts of this program are available at the company's cash desks in Borovets. The full text of the program is also published on the website of the resort Borovets. I understand and am aware that Borosport AD is not liable in the event of my possible infection with COVID-19 and I hereby expressly release Borosport AD from any liability in this regard.

8. By submitting this declaration I confirm that I voluntarily provide the above personal information about myself which represents personal data within the meaning of the current legislation and that I am aware that these personal data are necessary for the accurate fulfillment of the obligations of Borosport AD in relation to the provided services. I give my explicit and informed consent that my personal data be processed by Borosport AD as a personal data administrator for the purposes of providing the above-mentioned services, including, in respect of the same data, any processing operations such as but not limited to: collecting, recording, organizing, storing, adapting or modifying, restoring, advising, using, disclosing by transmitting, distributing, providing, updating or combining, blocking, deleting or destruction.

9. With the present I declare that, if I am under 18 years of age:
(A) I have informed my parent/guardian about the risks and consequences resulting of the practicing of the mountain biking sport on the marked trails in Borovets Mountain Bike Park.

(B) I have informed my parent/guardian that that by my free will and belief and entirely at my own risk and awareness about any adverse consequences of the practicing of mountain biking sport.

(C) My parent/guardian is informed, agrees and accepts that all and any possible adverse consequences resulting of the above mentioned are fully (only) for my own and my parent’s/guardian’s account.

By tapping on “I agree” button, I declare that I have read and understood the content of the Declaration and that I agree with its content.

Borovets Bike Park Rules

1. Wearing a helmet is a must!

2. Wearing protective gear is recommended!

3. Please ride on open and marked trails only!

4. Please make sure your bike is in good technical condition!

5. For downhill rides please chose trails which correspond to your skills and fitness level. The natural terrain and the manmade elements on it may change with time due to wear and maintenance. Do not let yourselves be guided by memories of previous rides!

6. Always use common sense when riding and stay in control of the bike and always be ready to brake if necessary. Limit your speed in case of high traffic and always when crossing another pathway!  

7. Do not stop at places where you cannot be noticed by other bikers. If you need to stop on the trail do pull aside immediately and leave free way to others. Keep safe distance between you and the biker ahead of you!

8. Keep safe the hiking tourists and do warn them with a hail about getting close to them. Keep watching for any vehicles driving along the forest tracks!

9. Hiking tourists are not allowed on biking trails with red and black marking!

10. Do not use alcoholic drinks and narcotic substances!

11. Riding on ski slopes is forbidden, except for sections where the marked trail crosses the slope! For any violation of this restriction your lift pass will be cancelled!

12. Riding on closed trails is forbidden!

13. Riding on motor vehicles on bike park trails is forbidden!

14. The trails are open each morning. Information may be found on www.borovets-bg.com site or MyBorovets mobile app.

15. Do observe the official working hours of the Bike Park!

16. To use the trails in Borovets Mountain Bike Park you will need to sign a Liability Release Form. Minors may use the bike park only under the surveillance of an adult.

17. Mountain biking is a risky sport involving serious challenges to your health and life. You ride entirely at your own responsibility!